Data-driven digital signage with Exposer

Digital signage

We are proud to offer the latest digital signage technology in the industry! Whether you have a simple reception screen or hundreds of screens across multiple locations, we can help you take the digital signage to the next level.

Digital signage is starting to take off. The way people communicate is changing rapidly. It has become more important to inform customers faster, and this information needs to be relevant and personalized.

We are among the few in Norway that offer info screens with data-driven content - and with our technology, we are constantly developing new support for different types of content and information. The advantage of data-driven content is that you can view content across locations and adapted to the different locations - all connected to the web. You can therefore control all content centrally. In other words, there is no need for "playlists" from memory sticks and there is no risk that the content differs from screen to screen, or from administrator to administrator.

Digital screens grab attention. Consumers find digital signage more interesting and engaging than older forms of signage. Whether you are promoting a special offer or sharing information in a patient waiting room, you will gain more attention.

Digital signage has gained a central place in many organizations as an information channel for employees, and the number of companies that use digital signage for internal communication is increasing. The survey "State of the Sector" in 2019 showed that 46% of employees in HR and internal communication departments wanted to increase the use of digital screens.

When info screens are implemented properly, they help companies sell more products and services, by engaging with their customers. The content can also be made more relevant to the target audience and complement the existing marketing efforts online.

Here is an example where data-driven content can be worth its weight in gold: you run a shopping chain that has weekly or daily-based promotions. The individual store does not have to remember to update the campaign info or hang up posters. Everything is controlled centrally and you do not have to worry about promoting an expired offer.

Info screens internally in the workplace are also a powerful tool for increasing productivity and connecting employees to the company's culture. Especially when they are spread over several locations.

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