Facebook Workplace integration with Exposer digital signage

Integration with Facebook Workplace

Facebook Workplace is a collaborative tool that allows you to connect your employees regardless of their location to work more efficiently. Exposer works similarly, allowing you to manage all of your digital signage from one easy to use UI. And can accept multiple users with different levels of authorization, allowing you to manage your digital signage both from a local point of view and a global point of view.

The goal with this is to display relevant information to the viewers of your digital signage taking into account the location of the signage and the needs of the people that are viewing that signage.
This is context-driven digital signage.  
Here is a little example: Let’s say you decide to run a work satisfaction pole across your different department groups within Workplace. Thanks to Exposer you would be able to display that content within your digital signage but you would also be able to show the relevant Poll results according to the department that can view the specific display. 

With Exposer you can choose specifically the type of data sources you would like to display on your digital signage, from comments to rooms to group timelines or simply just announcements. And because this data is fed directly into your digital signage slides from Facebook Workplace, means you never have to worry about your content going out of data again. 

These data sources can also be used to control the playlists within your digital signage. For instance, if you have a slide that is dedicated to new posts within a group but on that day there haven’t been any new posts, Exposer can automatically remove that slide and reinsert it when a new post is made so that you don’t show unnecessary outdated content from your Facebook Workplace.

Take your use of Facebook Workplace to the next level by adding Exposer to your organization’s digital signage.

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