Google Workspace integration with Exposer digital signage

Integration with Google Workspace

Google Workspace connects employees to be able to collaborate, across a variety of programs. Exposer gives you the possibility to display this information within your digital signage. This is possible with Exposer because it is a data-driven digital signage solution. Thanks to this the information you choose to populate your slides with can always be kept up to date, without the need to add the content manually every time some information changes.

These data sources can be used for much more than just populating your content. It can be used to manipulate your digital signage playlist, helping you show not only updated slides but also relevant information to your employees.
Here is a simple example of how you can make the most out of Google Workspace if you use Exposer: If your creative department uses Jamboard to come up with ideas, these could be displayed on the digital signage but only on the screens that are located in their specific department. While your sheets overviews could just be displayed within your accounting departments screens.

Exposer is the single software digital signage solution that allows you to deliver contextual information to the people that need to see it, as in the example above, but this can also be because of their department, but it could also be because of their location. If you have multiple offices across multiple continents you could not only opt to display different content but you could have the information displayed in their respective languages. 

Take your use of Google Workspace to the next level by adding Exposer to your organization’s digital signage.

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