Power BI Integration with Exposer digital signage

Integration with Power BI

PowerBI is a fantastic tool to help you manage your metrics, wrangle your data and visualize it. But it is also important to consider where your visualized data will be displayed and this is where Exposer and digital signage come in. Exposer is integrated with PowerBI in such a way that it allows you to connect multiple data sources to your digital signage slides and display your visualized content.

By connecting your digital signage to your PowerBI service, your slides will never go out of date again and you will not even have to update these manually because the content within your slides is being generated directly from the application you use regularly. But this doesn’t stop there not only can Exposer generate the content for within your slides, but it can also use this data to adjust and manage your overall digital signage.
Here is a little example: you have a series of data sources that become more or less relevant depending on their value. With Exposer you could set minimum or maximum values, and should these be triggered you can set Exposer to add or remove a slide from your digital signage playlist. Restoring it should these values change again.

PowerBI can visualize data depending on who the data is meant for and what they need to see. This is also the case with Exposer. Context-driven digital signage is key and this can be set up easily within Exposer. Making sure your audience is seeing data that is relevant to them. Whether that is a variety of office locations or different departments within the office itself. 

Take your use of PowerBI to the next level by adding Exposer to your organization’s digital signage.

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