Sharepoint integration with Exposer digital signage

Integration with SharePoint

When it comes to collaboration, digital signage has always been at the forefront of keeping teams informed with information and progress. But with amazing intranet collaboration tools like Sharepoint coming to the market, making businesses communicate better and run smoother. But this has not bridged the gap between online and the real world, since Sharepoint is limited to just sharing content and information online. So what happens when you want to bring a piece of this cloud-stored data into the real world and display it on your digital signage?

With Exposer you can connect your Sharepoint account to your digital signage screens across your locations. Allowing you to share content and choose the specific types of data you want to share and on what info screens you would like to display them. Exposer allows you to add context to your digital signage meaning that not only can you use your SharePoint data sources to feed the content within slides but you can also use it to determine when and where to display certain content.
Here is a little example: Let’s say you use Exposer as the digital signage system across your meeting rooms, and you manage the availability of these via your Sharepoint Calendar. Exposer would be able to display relevant data to the specific people that come into the meeting room at that specific time. For instance, if the marketing team had a meeting from 9 am till 10 am Exposer could show relevant data from their Sharepoint projects while they are in the meeting

The best thing about using Exposer in conjunction with Sharepoint means that your slides are always up to date. Because Exposer is a data-driven digital signage system, the information displayed within your slides can be constantly updated directly from the data source you set with no need to insert this information manually.

The Sharepoint content you choose to display on your digital signage has to be relevant to your viewers, so there would be no point in showing your London Office Canteen Menu on your Berlin Offices displays. With Exposer you can still achieve this level of contextual visibility and still only require one system to run all of your displays regardless of the location.

Take your use of Sharepoint to the next level by adding Exposer to your organization’s digital signage.


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